TV daily soaps are a tribute to women

Daily soaps are a primary source of entertainment for the audience in India. Indian television shows have always been prolific in keeping its audience engaged, be it in terms of Fictional or Non-Fictional shows. Daily soaps have been an integral part of our lives and an essence of it can be felt in the day to day household conversations. Some of such shows in a language like Hindi holds a record of running for over a decade. Now that is quite an achievement for the makers.

An interesting fact is the maximum number of viewers in India for television shows have always been from the female side. Given the fact that most of the shows are on “Saas-Bahu”, female-oriented shows or from the similar milieu.

TV serial makers in down south from the Kannada Industry are paying the tribute to its loyal female fanbase by feminising the title of their shows. This trend can be seen in two of its most popular channels i.e Colors Kannada and Zee Kannada.

While Colors Kannada has; Ivalu Sujatha, Mangala Gowri Maduve, Nammane Yuvarani, Lakshmi Baramma, etc. On the other hand, Zee Kannada has; Nagini, Paaru, Radha Kalyana, Subbalakshmi Samsara, etc. In all of the shows mentioned above female protagonist has the major role to play and the strength of the character can be seen as equal as the male protagonist’s and in some cases has an upper hand. Some of these shows rank on top in the TRP sheet for that channel.

It is interesting to see that, in an industry like media, where the dominance is said to be from the male side, such shows came into existence and are running successfully both in terms of the drama in the content and also in popularity-wise. Such moves by the makers of the show are like a ray of hope in a society where the women’s right for equality in terms of royalty in the work culture is highly needed.

Commercially speaking this is proving to be the smartest marketing tactics by the channels, as the number of viewers for such shows is increasing in folds and the makers have been successful in resorting the audience towards the television in the Digital Era.

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