The Journey of Kannada Cinema-I

“Kannada cinema industry”, many people nowadays know this industry due to the recent buzz which was created through KGF, Pailwaan and Avane Srimannarayana but how many of you actually know how the initial days of the industry were and who were the pioneers of it? I bet not many.

The Journey of Kannada Cinema-I
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Theatre Companion took an initiative to introduce the film lovers to some of the facts which are lesser-known. This particular series is divided into 4 parts where different stages of Kannada cinema will be discussed and the current trends happening in the industry will be discussed in the following articles.

So, let’s get started!

The Journey of Kannada Cinema-I

The story began in 1931 with Mricchakatika which starred Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay and TP Kailasam which was the adaptation of a play with the same name penned by Sudraka, Though it was the silent film little did the industry knew that it was giving birth to the art form which would bring numerous accolades and introduce greatest personalities in the years to come.

Three years after the first silent film, Kannada’s first motion picture with sound came through Sati Sulochana which was directed by Y.V Rao starring Subbaiah Naidu, Tripuramba and many others.

The Journey of Kannada Cinema-I

It was the year 1940’s which saw the release of 21 Kannada movies and subsequently gave an assurity that Kannada audience has accepted the motion picture wholeheartedly.

When we talk about the contribution of the legends to this industry, one name which comes on the top is Dr Raj Kumar. It is a lesser-known fact that Dr Raj’s first appearance on the silver screen was through Sreenivasa Kalyana which released in 1950 where he had a small role of a sage.

The Journey of Kannada Cinema-I

It was the year 1954 where Dr Raj was seen as a hero on the screen in a movie called Bedara Kanappa which was helmed by H.L.N Simha and interestingly it was the first film to get a national award in the industry.

Till the year 1964, the Kannada cinephiles had not witnessed the colour cinema, It was B. S. Ranga who made the first paradigm shift by making the first colour Kannada cinema naming Amarashilpi Jakanachari which starred Kalyan Kumar and B. Saroja Devi and it was the same year when Dwarkish produced his first film.

The Journey of Kannada Cinema-I


It was a late start in the field of motion pictures for the Kannada Industry but the number of accolades which was received and the kind of artist which were introduced was worth the wait.

So, do let us know your opinion regarding the initial days of the Industry.

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