The Art of Advertising

“Advertisement”, while few find it annoying when they encounter it on TV or Web, on the other hand, the makers find it as one of the vents to explore their creative side. Advertisement can pretty much be noticed anywhere and everywhere around us, though, its conception dates back even before the invention of different mediums like TV, Print, Radio, Billboards, Web and etc. Yes, we are referring here of “word of mouth advertising”, which holds a good weightage till date.

The advertisement field has undergone a paradigm shift in the 21st century, an endorsement of which is the digital world. This shift propelled many advertising agencies to map up with the changes in this pacey industry. Ad firms which started with the services of Print and Billboards have included TV, Web in their list today. While this has influenced these firms in increasing their manpower, on the counter side, because of the little investment needed it has also seen the dawn of start-ups in plethora, which intern gave birth to the strong competition amongst the agencies.

Speaking of the creative side, one can witness some hard-hitting visuals, compelling Ad copies and amazing storytelling through the visual media coming out from this industry. There is no doubt that some of the most creative minds can be found in this field as it is no less than a challenge for an Ad film writer and the maker to create a set of 15, 30 or 60 secs (Based on the product to be pitched), which should restrain the audience from changing the channel or showering love on skip button, while keeping in mind the purpose of the ad and an appropriate messaging.

Different mediums which are mentioned above have their own advantage i.e. Product getting good number of impressions (when exposed in front of the mass) in one go and also having the traceability of the action, however, the story does not end here, the capital invested in the campaign might undergo huge loss because of the inappropriate pitching.

The Art of Advertising
Image Credits: Afaqs

One of the reputed and oldest firms called Ogilvy holds an upper hand in creating such ads which deliver a content that is appealing in visuals & riveting in terms of verbal.


Considering the era that we are in right now where more of the creative aspects are being appreciated than ever before, it is the best time for all the creative minds to step into this beautiful yet competitive field and explore different aspects of creativity and make the viewers spellbound by their quality of content.

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