Television in the Digital Era

“TELEVISION”, one of the most popular source of entertainment for the people across the globe, before the “INTERNET” could knock on the doors of our lives. It was the one thing that united the whole family, made us sit down and watch our favourite TV shows/Movies together before the nucleated family culture came into existence and in some cases, it was the binding element of the whole village. We have come a long way since the television was incepted; from the time of having the only channel DOORDARSHAN to multiple channels of the same language; from fixing the antenna on the terrace of our house to fixing the Direct-to-home (DTH) at hour home. In midst of an era where the technology has made the source of entertainment so easily accessible and has also authorized with judgmental power to anyone and everyone, It is a big challenge for the television industry to be on the top in the audiences list of entertainment vent.

 So, Is the television getting the importance that it used to get before? Is the television deprived of the audience?

Yes, It is true that “digitalization” has been one of the revolutionary acts in the history of mankind. And has bought humans in the most comfortable situation than ever before. Now this consolation has heavily affected the entertainment industry in some aspects. Unlike before this generation of the audience in the entertainment genre has the freedom to choose “What they want to watch”, “Where they want to watch”, “When they want to watch” and “How many times they want to watch”. This sense of freedom has really driven the entertainment industry upside down. The major victim of this kind has been the Television industry.

Now the next question that comes to our mind is every content of the television can be seen over Internet Whenever and wherever.

Television in the Digital Era

Yes, It is true that the above-mentioned things can be done by the grace of the internet. But one thing the television still lacks is the content which resonates with the pulse of the current generation audience. Most Television channels demand that the content which airs from their platform has to have a sanitizing touch keeping in mind the sensitivity of the viewers. Now, this is one area that the Audio Visual Digital Content over the Internet mainly Web Series swipes the audiences in mass. Because In a country like India where around 600 million are under 25 years of age, It is nothing less than a challenge for a TV serial makers to entertain them in the “language of entertainment” they prefer.


So, will have to wait and watch in the coming year’s whether TV industry is going to upgrade itself in terms of the content or is it going to continue to entertain its audience with a regular routine. But surely it is one hell of a ride for the TV industry in the years to come.

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