Book review: Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly

Anupam Kher, Actor-Director is back in the news again, but this time it’s neither for exceptional performance in a movie nor for some controversial speech at any university but rather for his contribution in the field of literature. Yes, you heard it right! After the release of his first book, “The best thing about you is YOU”, which went on to become the best seller and was well received by the readers in the national and international market. Mr Anupam Kher, this time has made an attempt to entertain his audience with the autobiography.

“Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly” released earlier this year covers the major events of his life right from the time of his birth in the hospital of a small town in Shimla to get a chance to act with his God of acting Mr Robert De Niro in the Silver lining of the Playbook.

Mr Kher describes vividly about the time how the 3 generations of the Kher Khandan resided harmoniously in the house of 2 rooms. Being the son of the Clerk in the forest department he would often find his family bounded with the limited resource of capital but “Mind you” (As often used in a book) Mr Kher always believed in being optimistic and dreaming big. This optimistic nature of his propelled him to take a bold decision and endeavour the creative paths earlier in his life and in the current scenario as well.

The book is filled with some hilarious anecdotes, tragic love story, happiness, deaths, failures, success and all kind of NAVARAS’s associated with his life. Mr Kher claims “Life Me Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai” is the Philosophy of his life and one can find the justification in this book on to why is it so!

This book is for anyone and everyone who is aiming for big and has purpose and ambition in his/her life. The book includes some of the great lessons taught by his Grand Father, one can totally imbibe it in their life in this generation as well.

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